£200 fine for woman who hurled racist abuse at takeaway boss

After drinking traditional rum and milk in the early hours of the morning at the Common-Riding, a drunken woman later racially abused a takeaway proprietor.

Twenty-two-year-old Caroline Fraser, who had returned from Middlesborough for the festivities, called the man a “Paki b*****d” when he asked her to pay for her pizza, claiming she’d already given him the money.

The first offender was put out of the premises by another customer, but she returned, leaned over the counter and spat on the face of the man she had earlier abused.

Fraser, of Old Row, Eston, Middlesborough, appeared from custody and admitted acting in a racially-aggravated manner at the Istanbul, Oliver Place, on June 10.

She also admitted assaulting the proprietor by spitting on his face.

Prosecutor Tessa Bradley said the takeaway was especially busy because of the Common-Riding. She said the man was working there when Fraser came into the shop and ordered a pizza at 8.40pm.

“She was asked to pay for it, and said she already had,” explained Ms Bradley.

“When she was told she hadn’t, the accused called the man a Paki b*****d,” added Ms Bradley.

The woman was grabbed by another customer and put out of the shop, but came back in, leaned over the counter, and spat on the man’s face, before again being ejected.

Solicitor Iain Burke, defending, said his client had family in Hawick and had returned to the town for the Common-Riding celebrations.

“She had been drinking rum and milk from 5.30am, and recollects very little of the offences,” explained Mr Burke.

“She believed she had paid for the food, but even if she had, her behaviour was totally unacceptable and she is thoroughly ashamed.” Mr Burke said Fraser, who spent four nights in custody following her arrest, had been “very drunk” at the time.

Sheriff Gail Patrick fined her £200, commenting: “This was a most unfortunate episode and that is no way to speak to anyone.”

“If that is the way you behave after drinking to excess, you would be well advised not to get into that position again,” she added.