Temperatures have soared this week to a maximum of 62 degrees on Sunday and Wednesday according to records taken at Wilton Lodge Park.

The Hawick Rugby Football Club, Ex-Servicmen’s Club and the local Car Club are technically breaking the law because of their use of the burgh coat-of-arms on badges and notepaper. This is stated in a report prepared by Mr W. Hogg, Town Clerk, for the Magistrates Committee. The Common-Riding Committee however, were eligible to use the motif as they were a body set up by the Town Council. Mr Hogg also said that it was impossible for the Council to to legalise any misuse of the coat-of-arms simply by their approval. The Town Clerk is now to examine the possibility of the new Community Council, which comes into being with the reorganisation of local government, taking over the existing burgh arms, which would otherwise cease to exist.

A large part of the Duke’s Wood on the Vertish Hill has been felled without the knowledge of the Town Council. At a meeting in the Burgh Chambers on Tuesday night, Bailie F. Scott, said their agreement with the Scottish Woodland Owners’ Association, who looked after the town’s trees, should be revised. Councillor R. Hamilton said he had bene shocked to see what remained of the wood. Replacement trees should be planted as golfers on the Vertish used them as markers for some of the holes.