Pipin' up for the young yins

What div ee hink o' the story aboot the Hawick Pipe Band no' bein able tae practice in The Con Club? A was fair vexed when a read aboot eet. It's a right guid thing for young yins tae be involved in and an awfi lot o' time an work gauns intaed.

A'm hopin' they'll be able tae sort oot accommodation in yin o' the halls in the toon. A suppose it's no juist a question o' finding a hall, its mair findin' time in the hall if other things are being duin there. A'm share the story in the paper wad've struck a chord wi' a few folk that might be able tae help. A hope se onywei.

A mind the Hawick Pipe Band yaised tae hev their ain practice hall up Slitrig Crescent. A yaised tae hear thum practicin' maist nights for there was the Boys Brigade Band there in thame days ana'. A mind o' Pipe Major Bob Short. What a prood statesman hei was. A fair likeet him. Hei took pipers a' ower the world, hei did. There was the Legion Band ana, and some really guid pipers and drummers came oot o' there. Nowadays oov got the Scout Band and the Hawick band and it's guid tei sei that there's a lot o' young yins in their ranks.

Bit back tae the lack o' a practice hall for the Hawick Pipe Band. A letter in the paper hes suggested that the clampdoon on non-members and young yins in clubs was doon tae heavy handedness on the pairt o' the police. A de ken masel. A find eet hard tae believe they wad want tae prevent young yins gittin' involved in pastimes like the pipe band.

Bit if somebody cries foul on where it's duin a suppose the police hev tae dae their job and follow eet up. The same gauns for the Con Club, whae a'm share are vexed for the band tae, bit they hev tae dae what they're telt be the police. Bit it got mei thinking. There's a grand muckle hall up Wulton Hill that wad be ideal for community yuis like pipe band practice. It's in the police station.