NOSTALGIA: 1950s no nonsense attitude

Loco 78048.
Loco 78048.

Reader Gary Straiton sent us this photo of locomotive 78048 which he thinks is from the late 1950s.

He said: “This is driver Will ‘Por’ Clark and fireman Tam Noble, both from Galashiels shed. Tam came to Perth in 1963 after Gala ‘loco’ closed and says they were cleaning the loco at Waverley when a chap came up to them, thanked them for their industry and asked for a photo. They said ok, if they could get a copy. Over the years I have seen many railway related pictures, but this is my favourite. It is a classic railway portrait of a long gone way of life, where the ‘no nonsense’ attitude prevailed. Nowadays we have ‘customer service’ and name badges!

“Would any readers have any more stories about Will or Tam, or the railway in Gala in particular? I would be especially interested in stories from the rundown and closure period as heartbreaking it was at the time.”

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