Fish not warming to summer weather

The bank has been strimmed around Acreknowe
The bank has been strimmed around Acreknowe

To say the fishing has been difficult over the past few weeks is an understatement.

With the bright sunshine and the top two feet of water being very warm most of the fish have been lying deep.

Any trout coming up for dry flies have just been splashing at them.

The best time for the dry fly has been just before the darkening but even then they have been hard to hook.

A number of anglers have been catching on buzzers fished very slowly at about 15 to 20 feet down, but even then it is not guaranteed.

The local otters have been getting very brave at both Acreknowe and Williestruther where they have been coming to within a few feet of anglers. They appear to have no fear of humans. In the past you would not have been able to get within 50 yards of them.

John Scott was in Lanzarote on holiday recently when he decided to have a day’s fishing with his son Harry. John caught a 50lb shark and Harry managed to catch the first Amber Jack of the season. Now that sounds a good holiday to me.

Alan Douglas, his son Keith and I fished Chatton last week and it was the same story as most fisheries at the moment with the fish lying deep. Keith and I had two apiece and Alan managed one. My biggest was a cracker at around 6lb which made the hard day worthwhile.

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