Emotional time for Left Hand Lass Laura

Left-Hand Lass Laura Peden
Left-Hand Lass Laura Peden

LEFT Hand Lass Laura Peden admits she had a tear in her eye on Saturday as she watched the Mosspaul ride-out for the final time in an official capacity.

The Wilton Primary teacher revealed she is having a ball in her role this year, which she says is different to the past two – but admits it does bring with it a new set of emotions.

“So far I have had a brilliant time,” she said. “It’s a different role as it’s slightly more relaxed, and it has given me the opportunity to take in all the moments that have flown by over the last two years and really savour them for the final time.”

But she added: “It is a very strange feeling that with every ride-out and concert that passes it will be our last time being there in an official role. Mosspaul felt funny on Tuesday as when the Cornet came in behind the band, I thought this will be the last time Jamie will be up there in the Big Four, and when I saw the crowds lining the street I had a tear in my eye.”

But Laura is relishing every second of the ride-outs and concerts, and “can’t wait” for the big week to come. She added: “From the Acting Fither’s Chase that’s when I feel that everything really starts. My favourite has to be the Colour-Bussing and Ball as they are just an amazing part of it to experience. I hope everybody has a great Common-Riding.”