Bernie’s marathon task for cancer charity

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Well-known Common-Riding Singer Bernie Amrstrong will swap high notes for the high spots of London when he participates in the famous marathon for charity on April 26.

The Callants Club vice-president and Hawick Sings stalwart is also well-versed in the world of running – having accompanied former Hawick News reporter Gavin Gibbon on a treadmill marathon and from Newcastelton to Hawick as part of Mr Gibbon’s quest to complete 12 in a year – and he has also completed the Loch Ness and Manchester Marathons. And it was Mr Armstrong’s completion of the latter in under three hours 20 minutes at the age of 50 (three hours 16 minutes) which secured his entry at London.

And having been touched by the death of three Hawick Sings regulars from breast cancer, and with a further three needing treatment aswell as his own sister, the local blacksmith wants to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer. “This is a subject very close to my heart and we at Hawick Sings thought we could turn this into a community project”, stated Mr Armstrong.

The charity runner added: “Hundreds of Hawick people must have been affected by breast cancer, and rather than going back to the same people I’ve targeted in the past, we are asking people to take a sponsor sheet and asking friends and neighbours to sponsor me, as a way of all giving something back. Even if each person raises £20, we are helping a hugely worthwhile cause.”

Sponsor forms are available from Bernie on 07884 267612 during the day, 07854 18438 during evenings, or at He also has a Just Giving page called Bernie’s London Marathon 2015.