Four towns in the running for school upgrades

Hawick High School
Hawick High School

Scottish Borders Council is working to decide which of the region’s high schools should be next in line for investment.

Councillors at Tuesday’s executive meeting were given an update on an ongoing school estate review launched two years ago, and they backed proposals for its recommendations to be taken forward.

The review called for detailed assessments of Galashiels Academy, Hawick High, Peebles High and Selkirk High, the four schools in the region yet to be rebuilt or revamped.

Donna Manson, the council’s service director for children and young people, said: “All of these communities would like a new building and have been inspired by the success of the Jedburgh consultation and outcome.

“The only way to address this matter in a fair way is to carry out a deep assessment of each of the schools, with a specific focus on suitability, condition, capacity and links to the inter generational and community benefits.”

That assessment will be carried out over the next two months and the results brought back to the education executive in January.

Its findings will recommend which of the four school communities comes out on top as the next priority for investment and consultation.

An assessment of the region’s primary school estate already undertaken has identified that Earlston and Eyemouth’s schools are priorities for investment.