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BUCCLEUCH: The seniors were at home to near neighbours Hawick last Tuesday, when a keenly-contested clash, which was all square after 10 ends, ended with a 66 shots to 54 victory for the hosts. Best for Buccleuch were E. Barker, D. Fisher and C. Birchley (skip).

Also last Tuesday, the ladies seccured all five points at home to Selkirk. Details: H. Chamberlain, M. Johnson, M. Pearson and M. Martin (skip) 17-8; and C. Kirkpatrick, F. Spalding, C. Stitt and C. Hogarth (skip) 16-8.

THE men’s league game at Stow last Wednesday was nip and tuck all the way with the home team getting the win by 85 shots to 80. Best for the visitors were J. McLeod, D. Turnbull, R. Little and T. Edmison skip 23-14.

LAST Friday night’s hat game was won by Colin Easton and Ritchie Silver (skip).

HAWICK: Last Wednesday saw the ‘A’ team welcoming Gala, and with the match going right to the wire, the result was a 71-all draw.

Details: G. Smith 12 L. Thin 14; G. Lyall 14 M. Blyth 12; N. Amos 18 R. Fulton 17; M. Christy 12 J. Dickson 15; G. Scott 15 J. Ormiston 13.

THE ‘A’ team were also in action last Friday night when they slipped to a narrow 76-77 defeat at home to local rivals Wilton. Top rink for the hosts comprised I. Ford, M. Hogg, A. Renwick and G. Lyall (skip).

Details: M. Christy Jnr 11 A. Brady 18; G. Smith 22 C. Sutherland 18; G. Lyall 21 R. Taylor 11; G. Scott 11 C. McDougall 15; N. Amos 11 C. Rae 15.

THE ‘B’ team didn’t have any games.

WILTON: Last Wednesday’s night’s ‘A’ team clash at Earlston, which, due to a heavy rain shower shortly before the game, resulted in the host club’s green staff having to alter the rinks, and this seemed to affect the home players more than the visitors, as after seven ends the score was 37-26 in favour of the West Stewart Place team. After a similar amount of ends had been completed the home team had reduced the deficit to five shots (62-67).

Over the concluding heads Wilton outscored the hosts by 25-11, which included a full house of eight on rink five, to cement victory by 95 shots to 73 victory.

The Teries won three of the five individual contests with their top squad comprising D. Macdougall, R. Paterson, R. Brady and C. Sutherland (skip) who won by 13 shots over a rink skipped by N. Kellett who lost eight shots on the 16th end.

Details: A. Moffat 18 C. Macdougall 13; G. Cessford 17 A. Brady 14; P. Scott 15 C. Rae 23; P. McNally 11 R. Taylor 20; N. Kellett 12 C. Sutherland 25.

The five-rink gents’ team contested a rearranged Border League match last Friday night at the Hawick club, and won three of the five contests and 45 of the 85 ends completed.

After seven heads, the home side had taken a narrow 29 shots to 28 lead; at which point the visitors began to get the upper hand and held a ten-shot lead advantage (68-58) at the compeletion of 14 ends. Over the final part of this fixture it was the hosts who were dominant, adding 18 shots to their tally to their opponents’ nine. However, it was the West Stewart Place side who clung on to clinch this nail-biting contest by a single shot (76-77).

Top squad and ‘sweep’ winners on the night for Wilton were S. Anderson, A. Taylor, T. Brown and A. Brady (skip).

Details: G. Smith 22 C. Sutherland 18; G. Lyall 21 R. Taylor 11; N. Amos 11 C. Rae 15; M. Christy Jnr 11 A. Brady 18; G. Scott 11 C. Macdougall 15.

The home game of the annual two-legged Aye Freends Trophy against Dudley on Saturday saw hosts holding a three-shot advantage from their away fixture earlier in the season.

Scheduled for 18 ends, the five rinks were looking forward to a good match, and a break was taken after nine and ten ends for an excellent meal which had been prepared by the lady members.

The drizzly rain became more persistent during the interval and after consultation with officials from both clubs it was agreed to call a halt to the game, with the final result a 51 shots to 36 win for the hosts on the day and by 18 shots overall. Top Wilton squad comprised Keith ‘Chugger’ Brown, Oliver Gibson, Lawrence Forrest and Bill Jaffray (skip).

Details: S. Anderson 7 D. Louden 11; B. Millar 7 G. Fraser 11; D. Macdougall 12 R. Gray 6; R. Paterson 10 P. Whitten 3; B. Jaffray 15 T. Parker 5.

Saturday saw three combinations from the Wilton and Hawick clubs competing in the Coldstream open triples, in which Jimmy Murdie, Colin Cook and Reece Taylor claimed the spoils. Among the quarter-finalists were Graham Brownlee, Martin Christy and Alan Brady.