Double defeat for Wiltonians

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Last Monday night saw Wilton’s five-rink ‘A’ team at Earlston where it was the home side who recorded a victory in cold conditions, winning two of the individual contests, drawing two and losing one. It was a tight game throughout with only eight shots separating the teams at the end.

Top squad for the West Stewart Place side comprised Brian Stormont, Malcolm Scott, Findlay Donaldson and Alan Brady (skip).

Details: S. McNally 18 C. Sutherland 8; P. Scott 14 C. Macdougall 11; P. McNally 13 G. Brownlee 13; G. Cessford 16 A. J. Kyle 16; N. Kellett 13 A. Brady 18. Earlston 74 Wilton 66.

IT WAS to be disappointing night last Wednesday when the West Stewart Place side were defeated by newly-promoted Selkirk, and apart from one home rink, the Wilton men were well hammered, losing four of the five individual contests and in the process suffered a 28-shot loss. The only squad who outplayed their opponents were Brian Stormont, Malcolm Scott, Findlay Donaldson and Alan Brady (skip).

Details: A. J. Kyle 13 S. Henderson 28; C. Sutherland 9 S. Hislop 15; C. Macdougall 10 D. Macleod 23; G. Brownlee 11 I. Borthwick 19; A. Brady 26 C. McKinnon 12. Wilton 69 Selkirk 97.

FOUR players from the local clubs, namely Simon Spalding (Hawick) and Wilton’s Ryan Brady, and Jordan and Reece Taylor, were in the Border Under-25 side who took on Edinburgh and Leith on Sunday on the Gordon green. And on a good day for bowling, with the playing surface in excellent condition, an exciting match was anticipated. After seven of the 21 ends the home outfit were leading by 41 shots to 38; and following the completion of the same amount of heads again the tally was 73-78.

The city men edged further ahead after 17 ends (88-96) and extended their lead to 25 shots (104-129) to seal victory.

Top squad for the Borderers was that of Aaron Kerr (Ayton), Andy Burn (Spittal), and Jordan and Reece Taylor (skip).

Details: D. McNeil 27 R. Thorburn 10; J. Spalding 22 R. Neil 29; D. Gormley 25 C. Donaldson 14; N. Watson 17 M. Fairley 17; E. Craig 26 J. Mitchell 12; S. Pringle 12 R. Taylor 22. ELBA 129 Borders 104.