Parents must share responsibility for litter

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In reference to Alan Williamson’s letter last week ‘Rector defends high school litter stance’, it could be argued that pupils are not going to drop litter if they see him out on lunchtime ‘patrol’ with community policeman PC Gavin Liddle.

The rest of Alan Williamson’s response to criticism from Mark Kettrick’s letter from the previous week was on the money for me though, and I believe Hawick High School is very fortunate to have such a hard working and dedicated rector.

Of course it’s easy to point the finger at him, but is that really Mr Williamson’s fault or even problem?

Yes it’s during school hours, but it is unreasonable to blame Mr Williamson for the way pupils behave outside of the school gates, irrespective of whether they are in school inform or not.

I think Mr Kettrick’s criticism of Mr Williamson was totally unjust and more than just a little short-sighted.

Yes the school is there to educate pupils, and not just academically, but the buck stops with the parents, who all too often in this day in age are far to quick to deflect responsibility and it seems poor old Mr Kettrick has been sucked into this attitude too.

As a parent myself, if it was reported to me that my child was dropping litter during lunchtime I would personally feel like I’ve failed somewhere along the line as a parent and it wouldn’t cross my mind that the blame or responsibility lay anywhere else other than at my door.

I believe that, in the current blame culture in which we live, Mr Williamson is an easy scapegoat for this problem.

Knee jerk reactions seldom tell the story of the bigger picture. It is all too often very easy to criticise when, in fact, efforts would be better channelled into finding a solution to the problem, which I agree is no worse in Hawick than it is elsewhere in the Borders and throughout the country.