Banner Blue ‘seriously devalued’

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After seeing the much-anticipated 1514 Musical last week, I have been left with mixed emotions.

While the talent of the cast and the brilliance of Alan Brydon and Ian Landles are not in doubt, the decision to use one of Hawick’s real standards is just a step too far.
Seeing one of the cast parading for long periods of time with the flag has seriously devalued the meaning of it to me and many I have spoken to. I can only imagine how some of the former principals that have seen it feel. To wait all their life to get a chance to raise the standard, here it is being used in a musical. What next? Maybe if I ask nicely I will get to wave it at a football match or something?

Who made the decision to let them use it? Why couldn’t they have used a fake one? The flag and the Common-Riding is the only thing that Hawick has left, so please stop abusing it.

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