Tippers blight Moor clean-up

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A SUCCESSFUL and swift clean-up of Hawick Moor was blighted on Sunday by fly tippers.

Whilst an enthusiastic band of helpers from the Mosstroopers Club, volunteers and the criminal justice team have been praised for doing a sterling job – hours later their good work was spoiled.

Local Councillor Ron Smith said: “I had a call from Common-Riding Committee chairman Stuart Marshall on Sunday reporting that the Moor had been cleaned up and you wouldn’t know anything had been happening. Then on Monday I was stopped by a council worker who said the men had been up collecting the rubbish and it had been immaculate, but in a previously cleared area where the top tent had been they found a pile of building rubble.”

But aside from the the pile of bricks, earth, cement bags and equipment being dumped, Mosstroopers president Terry Scott said a large turnout ensured a quick clean-up on Sunday morning.

He added: “The lack of wind meant nothing was blown out of the main areas and most people had used the bins or black bags provided, athough it was annoying to see the mess that some left.”