Rotarians hear Lamont on vote

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New Rotary Club president Sandy Bannerman welcomed local MSP John Lamont to last week’s meeting at which the parliamentarian addressed the company with a digital presentation on ‘Referendum 2014’.

With around two months to go until the poll on September 18, the people of Scotland were being asked to make the biggest decision in Scotland for 300 years on whether to break away from the rest of the United Kingdom. Mr Lamont said he represented the Better Together campaign, and explained how things had arrived at this stage and went on to highlight, in his opinion, what voters should consider before coming to their decision, and how important it was, as the result of the referendum was irrevocable. His talk generated many questions which, of course, he handled admirably being the astute politician that he is.

Past-president Ron Laidlaw gave a warm vote of thanks to the speaker for taking the time to come along to the club. Mr Lamont was accompanied by researcher Ross Sutherland and intern Katy Chavre, while visitors to the club were Andrew Farquhar, Pat Sutherland and Eileen Smith.