Paterson hits out over Kelso garden waste plans

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Davie Paterson has slammed plans for the reintroduction of garden waste operations in Kelso.

The Hawick News understands that Kelso councillors are speaking to private contractors and exploring options which may include a centralised drop-off point.

But this week, Mr Paterson, Hawick’s environmental services portfolio holder, said: “This is just not going to happen. I am aware that this has been discussed but I can assure you it won’t be happening. This would have to be passed by the council and I don’t think it would be.”

Mr Paterson said he believed Kelso councillors had explored using cash from what is called the Quality of Life Fund which is made up of £10,000 given to Area Forums from central SBC funds. Forums are then able to spend the cash as they see fit, but according to Councillor Paterson such a move could “open a whole can of worms” and lead to other towns and villages following suit.

But speaking to the Hawick News this week, Kelso Councillor Tom Weatherston said: “What we are trying to do is get a lorry to come to Kelso once a month so folk can drop off their garden waste. This is not going to be a door-to-door service. The council initially acknowledged that Kelso was a special case as the nearest recycling centre is 20 miles away and it was hoped that they would fund this monthly service but that was kicked into touch.”

Mr Weatherston said he was bemused at the hostility from other councillors over the plans: “I am surprised at the negative reaction to this. We are planning to use the £10,000 Quality of Life Fund cash and this would certainly improve the quality of life for folk in Kelso until the new community recycling centre is completed next year. I am really surprised at the reaction we’ve had to this.”