In the zone: Jay joins training revolution

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Every heartbeat during high-octane races of local motocross hero Jay Lamb will be recorded, thanks to the revolutionary new training system MyZone, which has recently been installed at O’Connell Street gym Think Fitness 4 Less.

Jay’s strenuous training programme will also be monitored by him wearing the new ‘smart’ heart rate belt, ensuring he is training in the correct zones to get him in tip-top condition for race days.

Co-owner Greg Dalgleish explained: “Each belt is programmed to the specifics of the user, and as the user gets fitter, the belt automatically recalibrates to ensure training zones are accurate.

“Every move is recorded by the belt, heart rate levels are charted, with calorie burn recorded, too.

“These stats are then converted into MEPS (MyZone Effort Points) to reward users for their efforts, and the beauty is that as well as giving the user real-time data whilst training in the gym, the belt records physical activity anywhere, whether it be walking, running, playing rugby, or racing like Jay.

“Users receive an email after every workout, and can monitor their exercise history online, as well as being able to get involved in challenges set by the Think Fitness 4 Less instructors with the click of a button.

“In Jay’s case we’ll be able to see the demands his races place on his body, and in turn help him train smarter and more specifically.

“This may sound complex, but the system is so easy to use. Users just need to start training in the gym and all the data on the belt collected since the last download automatically uploads onto the system to give them a complete training footprint, accessible at anytime online.

“Other information such as weight and body fat percentage can also be charted, making this the ultimate training solution for top athletes like Jay and novices 
alike who just want to get real results.”