Ian to make the cut for 40th time

On top of Bailie Hill
On top of Bailie Hill

IAN Cook will cut the sod tomorrow at the most extreme point of Hawick’s common for the 40th time.

And to mark the occasion he was recently presented with a bottle of rum by Common-Riding Committee chairman Stuart Marshall and secretary Frank Scott (pictured right).

Since 1972, Ian has been charged with pre-cutting the small patch of turf before handing over the century-old spade to each Cornet to undertake the official duty on the morning of Common-Riding Friday.

Mr Marshall said: “Ian has done a magnificent job for us over the past 40 years and it was only right that the Common-Riding Committee paid a sincere thank you to him.

“The downside of the sod cutting job is that he can’t be in two places at once and therefore has missed 40 Friday Morning Huts. But as Ian tells me he’s very honoured to have served 40 Cornets.”

Ian was also honoured at the recent Mosstroopers dinner.