Hopes that Diesels remains as nightclub

The owner of Diesels hopes the premises will remain as a nightclub after he sells it.

Martin Elsdon has put the property up for sale after 19 years as co-proprietor with wife Marion and says he is looking for someone to continue to operate the Teviot Crescent building as a club.

“We hope someone will come in and fill our gap,” said Mr Elsdon, 58. “We’re looking for someone to keep the club on, someone younger with the vibrancy I had in my youth.”

Mr Elsdon has operated licensed premises throughout the town for 28 years and is a former owner of Clintys, The Melgund, High Level, Number Ten and Barclays. “We sold the pubs a few years back and it was always the intention at this sort of age to retire from the late night licensing trade,” he said.

“It’s time now for Marion and I to take a sideways step, let someone else take on the late nights. We have absolutely enjoyed our time in the licensing trade and feel blessed that we’ve enjoyed good health to carry it on.

“We still get a great buzz from the music and from the customers. We hope if we do get an interested party that it would continue as a nightclub.”

A recent press advertisement states that interested parties “may wish to use the property for a different purpose” and suggests the building could be converted to a “great restaurant or large retail premises”.

For now, however, the club, which has recently been furnished with leather sofas and fitted with new lighting, will continue trading as usual. It will boast a wide range of entertainment during the Common-Riding, including a foam night, bucking bronco, and the Bring The Noise event on the evening of Denholm Ride-Out.

“We’re certainly not going to be closing it,” said Mr Elsdon. “The club will be operating as normal, in fact we have a programme of events to ensure the club is kept vibrant. It’s still running as a going concern and we have no intention of closing it. It is still in profit and still busy.”

Mr Elsdon will, with his wife, aim to retire from the licensing trade in the next 12 months and will focus on his motorsport business of trading in rally cars.