Fury over Scottish Power’s Burnfoot blackout

Councillorr Stuart Marshall at the affected property in Queens Drive
Councillorr Stuart Marshall at the affected property in Queens Drive
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RESIDENTS in Queens Drive are claiming compensation from Scottish Power after suffering not only a 31-hour blackout, but workmen digging holes through the night, and arguing with each other.

The alleged catalogue of incidents began at around 7am last Wednesday morning, when a power cut suddenly struck the Burnfoot street. But the sequence of events which have followed have “horrified” local Councillor Stuart Marshall, as pavements and gardens were dug up, floors were damaged, and residents lost sleep and earnings.

And one furious householder even claims that one workman ran a cable directly from a manhole straight into his meter, to allow him to use a kettle.

Kevin Brown, a self-employed roofer, said: “It has been a total shambles. I lost two freezers’ worth of food and meat, a day’s work because I’d been up most of the night with workmen in my house and garden. I have tar on my flooring from their boots, and at one point they wanted me to go down one of the holes. The health and safety was shocking.”

Mr Brown, who rejected an offer of £81 compensation, says workmen arrived from Berwick, Portobello, Stirling and Alnwick, adding: “They were digging holes at midnight and even had a cable through my letterbox and were down a hole at 3am, and I was furious that some workmen were swearing at each other.”

Mr Brown says his laminate flooring is also covered in tar, and added: “The boys from Stirling were sent home to have the next again day off, so I certainly couldn’t climb roofs with no sleep.”

He added: “I had to throw away £200 worth of food and lost a day’s wages, but Scottish Power don’t seem to care.”

However, two representatives from Edinburgh have agreed to meet Councillor Stuart Marshall on site today (Friday).

Mr Marshall said: “I was absolutely horrified to see the scale of the damage that has been done not only to the footpath, but the property of Mr Brown. Many questions need to be answered by Scottish Power.”

A spokesperson says all reinstatement work was complete yesterday, adding: “This proved an extremely difficult fault to trace, access also proved difficult due to the narrow footpath. The fault was due to a fence post damaging our cable and through time due to water ingress and weather the damage has resulted in disruption to supplies. We are committed to providing the highest levels of service, and apologise for the inconvenience this caused.”