Fly tippers ‘sticking two fingers up at law’

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SIX broken televisions, 20 black bags spewing rubbish, dozens of smashed panes of glass and several mattresses.

And that its just some of the items which have been dumped at the former abattoir site in Burnfoot.

The discovery was made by local councillor Stuart Marshall, Burnfoot Community Council vice-chairman Jamie Batten and resident Gail Edgar during a recent walk around the estate.

Mr Batten said: “If people can transport their rubbish to here, then why on earth do they not take it to the recycling depot at Mansfield?

“Fly tipping is against the law and to repeatedly dump rubbish at this site is a real slap in the face to the good people of Burnfoot and must stop.”

Although the area is private property, the lock to the entrance gate has been broken allowing access.

Councillor Marshall revealed that the local authority is currently pursuing the owners. And he said documentation contained in the black bags is also being used to try to trace the culprits.

Councillor Len Wyse, executive member for environmental services at Scottish Borders Council said: “Fly-tipping in any form is simply unacceptable. If you are aware of people doing this I would encourage you to report it to the ‘Dumb Dumpers’ stop-line on 0845 2 30 40 90 or report it online at

“Our teams will continue to monitor the Hawick area to combat the on-going issue of fly-tipping and anyone caught doing this can face fines of up to £40,000 or six months imprisonment.”

Councillor Marshall said he has also received a number of calls regarding fly tipping in the Wellfield Road area

He said: “I am afraid that these irresponsible people are just sticking two fingers up at the law and I feel we really must come down harder on them.”