Efforts to tackle Mayfield ‘decline’

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The deteriorating appearance of the Mayfield housing scheme has prompted Councillor Watson McAteer to call for a multi-agency meeting.

The Hawick and Denholm member is hoping to enlist the help of Scottish Borders Housing Association, Waverley Housing and Scottish Borders Council to try and secure the attention that the scheme deserves.

He told the Hawick News: “Concerns about the decline of Mayfield were brought to my attention, and there are obvious signs of a lack of maintenance. I hope to stop the degeneration of a nice area.”

The problems include rusty handrails, lights out in buildings, two dilapidated children’s areas, broken paving stones and loose flag stones.

Bruce Court resident Evelyn Jackson said: “I have two grandchildren learning to walk and they couldn’t use the handrails without taking the skin off their hands,” she stated. “And I would never let them play at the play areas, one of which is fenced off and overgrown.” She added: “Lots of us have community pride and some have painted the handrails, but it’s someone else’s responsibility.”

And due to the Mayfield scheme’s mix of private properties and and those registered to social landlords, Mr McAteer is now seeking a meeting with everyone involved. “I’ve already held positive talks with SBC’s estates officer, and it’s been agreed that it’s very important the play areas are improved. But all of these organisations have a role to play,” he stated.

A spokesperson for Waverly Housing said: “We do not have a strong presence in the area as we are not the majority landlord and do not own any play parks. However, we have agreed to meet regarding areas of concern to clarify responsibilities and provide assistance where appropriate to enhance this scheme.”

SBHA added: “We are happy to work with Councillor McAteer to identify ownership and resolve any queries.”