Prison for Beattie Court man

Selkirk Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court
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An alcohol thief has been jailed for 212 days, after also breaching bail conditions.

Selkirk Sheriff Court heard on Monday how the 22-year-old stole £155 worth of alcohol and soft drinks from commercial premises at La Contea in the town’s High Street on March 9.

Gary Stewart, of Beattie Court, Hawick, also admitted failing to pay a £22.50 taxi fare to Chapel Street in Selkirk on April 21.

He also admitted breaching a bail condition on March 19, and failing to comply with a curfew on April 11.

Stewart was sentenced to 120 days’ imprisonment for the alcohol theft from La Contea.

The court heard how the premises, adjoining the County Hotel, were locked at 1am and the following morning a rear door was found open and alcohol and soft drinks missing.

Some 19 bottles of wine and other alcohol drinks, along with some soft drinks had been taken.

Police, acting on information received, went to a flat in Chapel Street where Stewart was staying at the time.

The householder told officers he woke to find a number of bottles in his fridge and wine beside a wheelie bin outside.

Stewart told police: “I didn’t plan it. I just went in and took it.”

Some £68 worth of the stolen drink was recovered.

Stewart received a consecutive sentence of 60 days’ imprisonment after he admitted hiring a taxi from Hawick to Selkirk on April 21 and failing to pay the £22.50 fare.

“He told the driver he was going into a friend’s house to get money, and disappeared,” explained depute fiscal Tessa Bradley.

Stewart received a further 32 days’ imprisonment for breaching bail conditions.