Community council hope everything in the garden is rosy ahead of bloom competition

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BURNFOOT residents who take pride in their garden will be judged in the scheme’s first bloom competition later this year.

Plans for the contest have been revealed by Burnfoot Community Council in a bid to reward those who help improve the scheme’s appearance – but those who neglect their gardens will also find themselves in the spotlight.

Community Council secretary Ian Middlemass told the Hawick News: “We are holding the competition to reward tenants who are going that extra mile to enhance the scheme. But at the same time, the council has decided to take a strong approach to those who are blighting it by their neglect.”

Although the judging of Burnfoot’s best gardens will not be carried out until they are in full bloom this summer, the assessment of messy areas was due to begin this week.

Mr Middelmass went on: “We will be walking the scheme noting the neglected gardens and anything else that is bringing it down. Hopefully residents will make the effort, and we are not asking for landscaping, just cut grass and no rubbish or household items lying around.”

Perpetrators will receive a warning and advice from the community council, and if no improvements are carried out the housing landlord will be informed.

But Mr Middlemass added: “This will only affect a small amount of tenants. It is those that take pride in where they live and make the scheme a more pleasant place to live that we are very grateful for, and there will be prizes for the best in each category.”