Community campaign to raise funds to get bobbies on their bikes

A police appeal for a bicycle to help increase coverage of the Burnfoot area of the town could be answered by the local community council.

There are currently just three bicycles serving the area around Hawick, Selkirk, Jedburgh, Newcastleton and St Boswells, and following the conclusion of the Common-Riding it is expected only one bike will be available to the town’s three community beat officers (CBOs).

Community police officer Steven Sutherland explained: “At present, I am trying to find funding so that Burnfoot can have a dedicated bicycle for use solely by the Burnfoot CBO both now and in the future.”

And police calls could soon be answered as the Burnfoot community look at ways of raising the required £400 to purchase a bicycle.

The chairman of Burnfoot Community Council, Richard Knight, said it was something they were happy to get involved in. “The community council is keen to explore avenues of funding a police bike for sole use in the Burnfoot area,” he said.

At a recent meeting of the community council, PC Sutherland revealed he has already received positive public feedback from the recent introduction of bobbies on bicycles in the area.

He added: “I personally feel this makes me more approachable and provides a valuable way of liaising and engaging with youths.”