Bomb-sniffing dog Tilly is Hawick’s hero hound

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A LOCAL dog “saved the day” by sniffing out an undetonated bomb at the Moor last Monday, writes Rhalou Allerhand.

Paul Burton was out walking Tilly, pictured, when she unexpectedly started digging.

Mr Burton told the Hawick News: “Tilly belongs to my son John, who is deputy head at St Boswells, and she often finds things.

“An old chap once dropped his car keys in the long grass in the middle of the Moor. It took Tilly a week but she found them and reunited them with the owner. She does things like this all the time.”

Mr Burton credits the seven-year-old Labrador collie cross’ keen sense of smell. “Presumably she smelled the cordite explosive, that’s the only the reason I can think that she’d go digging for it.”

Tilly uncovered the bomb just in time for the Common-Riding. “Imagine if someone planted a gazebo on top! She saved the day.”

The undetonated bomb was believed to be a Spigot Mortar from the Second World War.

Mr Burton added: “It was quite large. The bomb squad detonated it without moving it.

“She needs a medal. She should get citizen-of-the-year for this. She’s a very smart dog. But if you see this dog digging, start to run!”