Baguette staff left “shocked” by food scavengers

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FOOD scavenging in the vicinity of the Howegate has been reported again after the Baguette Express bin was emptied overnight.

A month ago the Hawick News revealed that people had been spotted raking for food in bins in the area, and this week staff at the Sandbed shop discovered that all the foodstuff which they hadn’t used on Tuesday, had been taken from the waste overnight.

One staff member, who did not want to be named, said: “Someone has rummaged through our bin in the vennel and taken all the food waste, and left the plastic and paper. They’ve taken baguette ends, tubs of stovies, and pies and sausage rolls. I was quite shocked when I discovered the bin had been broken into and binbags everywhere.”

She added: “I feel bad for the people that have to resort to doing something like that, but I don’t want the mess as it could cause us problems.”