In a stew ower rabbits

Oh a was fair interesteed tae hear aboot the bother folk's heving wi rabbits. A hev tae admit, a'v noticed it ma' sell. Ee only need tae drive onywhere near Mansfield and Burnfit and ye'll sei rabbits a' ower the place. A've even seen thum near tae the roondaboot at the Leisure Centre. Oo nearly rin yin ower the other night. It juist stood on the road and lookeet at mei es if tae say "where div ee hink eer gaan at this time o' night?"

Its true what they say, they breed like . . . well, ee ken what a mean.

A wunder if its because naebody eats rabbits nowadays. Now, afore ee stert, a'm no sayin' that's the answer tae the problem. Dinnae git is wrang now. A wadnae want tae sei everybody rinnin' oot tae catch a rabbit for the pot. A was juist thinking that man yais tae be yin o' the rabbit's main predators.

Howts a mind the time ee wad sei a rabbit hingin' on a hook in the butchers wundae. No that a can say a ate eet masel mind. For a hed a wee pet rabbit when a was a bairn. Mind you, lookin' back a yince wondered if the chicken that was pit doon tae mei wasnae really chicken. Bit ood better no gaan intae that for a lang since convinced masel it was.

Ee wadnae sei that now. A'm share some bairns dinnae realise where their food comes frae, apairt frae the supermarket freezer. A shudder tae think o what's in some o' the stuff ma yins eat oot o' packets.

Oor lucky oor no dependent on juist the supermarkets for oor food. Es grand and convenient es they er, and a fair enjoy a dander roond the aisles and a blether when a'm getting' ma messages, there's mony a toon and city wad be fair jeelous o the number o high quality butchers oo hev on oor streets. Ee cannae bate fresh local produce. It's what folk are efter in the cities and cannae find. An oov got eet right on oor doorsteps.

A even hear there's plans tae stert a fermers market. Now that wad be guid.

Bit back tae the rabbits. A was oan aboot natural preditors. A de ken if eev noticed bit there's other things that hev flourished in recent years. Like Buzzards and Magpies and Jenny Wrens and oov even got Ospreys back in the borders. Well its seems tae mei it's a guid thing that wildlife is getting oan grand.

Of course, that disnae solve the problem for thame puir folk whae's gairdens are gitting' damaged.

A've experienced eet masel. A was lookin' oot the wundae yin night and a spotted yin on the gress. A shouted tae the bairns, "Oo look, quick, there's a bonnie rabbit in oor gairden.". And then juist es suin es a'd said eet, it hopped ower an' ate ma daffodils. Well, a'm no ashamed tae admit a was efter eet wi a busem shank. Bit it was fer ower fast for mei.

A dev hope the powers that be can find a way tae protect the residents frae the nuisance withoot makin' a nuisance o the residents, if ee ken what a mean. There's room for oo a' if oo can find the right way. A cannae hink o'd off hand though.

Mibees oo need a big rabbit proof fence right doon the bankin' juist like the yin they pit up right across Australia. An expert's advice is required.

Nae doobt it'll be doon tae oor cooncilors tae decide.

Efter a', they're aye rabbitin' oan aboot something.